Monday, June 27, 2011

Setting Career Goals: Activity 1

Brainstorming Goals:  Self sufficient, travel to australia, new zealand, europe, travel to NY, Boston, Arizona, Missouri, New Orleans, Open LF stores, Have magazine distributed, Clothing line in at least 24 stores, get a degree, have my own home, new car, new computer/laptop, finish my chevy nova, have an advertising firm, produce movie ideas, have children, get married, be worth over 1 billion, change the world in some small way, publish a book of my writing, publish a childrens book, be the creator of a new social network.


 In the next 10 years I want to have my clothing line in stores around the world.  I want to have my magazine distributed to all the far reaches of the globe and have it translated into all the languages possible.  

I will also have an advertising firm representing all of the popular brands that are trying to reach the consumer market.  I will learn how to be more organized and assertive, as well as, a more outgoing person in a social setting.

I will have traveled to places such as, Australia, Ireland, South America, Germany, UK, New Zealand, and Russia.  These trips will be for both personal and financial growth, as I will meet with companies interested in helping me achieve my goals with my clothing and magazine ventures.  

I will have houses and places to stay in just about all of these countries as I will be constantly flying and meeting with my business partners in order to keep all of my interests in line.

These priorities tell me that I would like to be the captain of my own ship and be successful at it.  I also lean towards being secure and wealthy enough to travel a lot and making my mark on the world.  

Right now I'm in the process of getting my magazine distributed and finding new stores  and markets to get my clothing line noticed and purchased by people.  I'm also in the process of going to school to acquire the skills needed to be successful on a higher level. 

My highest priority wishes are already strongly fixed in my sights and the only trade-offs I see right now is my social life. Although they are replacing my social life in a way as I'm now "business oriented" and being social in a business like manner.  It's very possible to be still social and throw parties when you are engaged in magazine and clothing line promotions.

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