Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wellness at Work Activity 10

What health care is available for full-time employees?

My current employer has Blue Cross health care available for full-time employees.

How are health care options different for part-time or freelance employees?

Health care is only available for full-time employees there are no options for part-time employees to get health care.

What is the policy regarding sick days (how many are allowed, are they paid or unpaid)?

My employer allows up to 6 paid sick days per year.

List some ways your current employer promotes wellness for employees.  If you are not employed, what activities are you aware of which potential employers provide for wellness?  (ideas include clinic care and discounts on health club memberships)

My employer currently doesn't have any programs that promote wellness among it's employees.  The only things provided are for our safety such as gloves, ear protection, and goggles for eye protection.  It would be nice for my employers to offer discounts on gym memberships, maybe provide access to dietitians and things like that, in order to keep down the costs of health care in the future.

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