Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On-the-Job Testing Activity 7

A possible career for me is Business Owner

1. What tests are required and what do they test on?

The closest thing to a test for a business owner would be a business plan and whether or not you get funding based on the plan would be your pass/fail grade.

2. When, in the course of pursuing this career, do you need to take the test?

In my case this test comes about a quarter of the way in, just before "getting serious" about my prospective businesses.

3. What prepartion is necessary for the test?

You need the projected numbers, all ideas and plans are based on who you are targeting and where.  You'll need to know what area you want to be established in, what the main demographic in that area is, and how much money is made by these individuals.

4. Will the tests need to be retaken at a later time?

If you need additional funding you'll more than likely need to revise and update your business plan in order to reflect any changes in the business structure, projected income, etc.

5. Venture into the Learning Resource Center and see if they have any sample test on hand.  What did you find out?

The best place to find sample business plans is the SBA, or Small Business Administration, and also the Business section of many libraries will also have sample business plans available.  These are good guidelines to follow and excellent sources of information when a future business owner goes to set up their business plan.

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