Friday, June 24, 2011

Generating Ideas for Interships Activity 4

Career areas that I'm considering:
  1. Business Owner because I'm a creative thinker that likes to utilize all of his ideas and likes to be in charge of and directly responsible for the companies future success.
  2. Limo Driver because I'm an excellent driver and would like to meet new and interesting people that may help in my business endeavors.
  3. Xray Technician because I like working with computers and would love to be able to see into the human body.
Potential people I could interview about their fields/professions:
  1. A clothing line owner because they would have direct insight into the does and don'ts of the clothing business and how exactly to go about expanding it.
  2. A professional limo driver because they will know what attributes you'll need as well as the ups and downs to being a driver of people.
  3. A medical office manager because they'll know what kind of people they are looking for to fill xray technician positions and what schooling is needed.
Creatively envision your intership experience!

My internship would be to shadow and do all the tasks needed to run a business, such as, developing contacts, basic accounting, analyzing markets, developing marketing strategies, and training employees.  Each day I would set a goal for my employees for leads in getting our products more exposure and keeping in contact with distributors and manufacturers.  Each week I would take a look at key indicators to make sure that all my plans are being followed and that we are headed in the right direction.

I would take business trips to places like Australia and the UK to talk to overseas distributors about getting my products into new stores.  I would also set up parties to get new people interested in my products and show exactly what our company is about: FUN.

I would work closely with my business partners and my customers to make sure that we are providing the best product available and sticking with our company's mission.  I would also work closely with artists and musicians in order to make sure that the parties come off without a hitch and everyone is on the same page.

My main gifts and talents are my vision and creativeness.  I can come up with party ideas and clothing ideas as well as bring the proper people together.  Knowing exactly what you want your vision to end up as is key to setting goals and making sure people know exactly what they need to do in order to achieve that end vision.

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